Business Unit Director 3pl

Company Details

Business Director.

Direct Report to – CEO.

Other Stakeholders – CFO, Head of HR, Non-Executive Board, General Manager (Processing).

Peer Group – Commercial Director.

Direct Reports – Operations Director , General Manager ( Regional General Manager (Corby), Head of Transport.

Role Profile;

Ensure has the required operational capabilities (transport, warehousing, garment processing) to meet its clients’ needs and growth aspirations.
Develop and implement strategic initiatives to improve operational processes, aligned to our growth strategy.
Identify and resolve all operational issues, and drive initiatives at depot level.
Develop and implement strategy for improved technology platforms (Paragon, Vector etc.).
Ensure that operations systems, processes and current technology are optimised; and anticipate and react to changes in clients’ business.
•Ensure delivery of KPI’s by managing, monitoring and measuring the Depot Operations teams.
•Ensure Depot teams are suitably resourced, with skilled management and staff, and with appropriate training, and supporting site general managers’ teams in capacity and resource planning.
Identify, review and implement new techniques, technology, systems and tools to maintain operational excellence.
Deliver added value to and its customers.
Position s service and delivery at the leading edge of the market.
Maintain an external focus that enables to operate at its maximum and embraces the evolution of the market place.

Person Specification;

Experience and understanding of people, processes, business applications, support tools and operational infrastructure.
Demonstrated leadership, business management and budgetary control experience.
•Solution-oriented person who is always seeking continuous improvement, bringing in bright, original and creative ideas from outside.
•Experience of working across different logistics environments (preferred).
•Admired and acknowledged for their attitude and service.
•Exceptional and decisive execute.
•Demonstrated ability to interpret business technology.
•Highly capable of identifying talent and developing different types of people.
•Commercially astute with a good sense of judgement.
•An authentic, natural style, a good listener, and tactful.
•An ability to operate in a diverse and complex multi-cultural environment is crucial.

Competencies Required;

The competencies for this role are divided into three segments: Business, Leadership and Personal.

1. Business.

(a) Customer Orientation – Customer First Value;

• Must be focused on identifying and meeting customer needs.
• Listens to and empathises with customer needs.
• Understands customers’ business environment.
• Delivers excellent service for any product, at any time, at any place.
• Takes responsibility for correcting customer problems promptly.
• Follows through on customer inquiries, requests and complaints.

(b) Business Acumen;

Must understand business principles and language, including the fundamentals of finance and profitability and use this understanding to establish clear priorities for actions and to increase the performance and profitability.

Makes decisions based on facts and analyses (e.g. potential profit, return on investment, cost-benefit analysis).
Uses understanding of business principles to establish clear priorities for actions appropriate to our company values and acts according to these priorities.

(1. The success of our customers, 2. The success of our Business, 3. The success of each depot and 4. The success of each individual in our business).

Acts in an entrepreneurial way.
Selects business initiatives that fit within the A growth strategy.
Generates quality revenue growth.
Identifies opportunities to increase sales or revenue.
Raises profile through new business initiatives.
Monitors reports and works toward understanding and eliminating low margin or unprofitable business.
Displays a good understanding of the cost and profit parameters of our business.
Is aware of major sources of day-to-day costs and actively manages them – manages budget in a cost effective way.
Builds business acumen of the management team.


Is consistent in what he/she says and does (“walks the talk”).
Translates strategies into specific goals, objectives and responsibilities.
•is willing to turn down short-term gain for longer-term strategic benefit.
•Draws on an understanding of underlying issues to formulate strategy or plans of action.
•Makes appropriate changes to strategy in response to a changing business environment.
•Modifies strategies and tactics needed to be successful in supporting the vision.

•Creates a clear, meaningful and compelling image of the desired future.
•Sets clear priorities and keeps the organisation focused on efforts that add significant value.
•Acts loyally toward the organisation by actively representing and implementing the business decisions.
•Challenges organisational norms and pushes his managers to venture into new areas.
•Questions how and why things are done as a way to improve the business.
•Invites feedback and criticism regarding the current situation.
•Encourages “ideas”, holds judgement at bay until an idea can be developed or discarded.
•Seeks and appreciates the value of diverse views and opinions.
•Is professional when challenging others’ thinking and expects the same of others.
•Supports the creativity and innovation of others and shares own ideas/ solutions openly.
•Schedules time on a regular basis to discuss opportunities to innovate and improve.

3. Personal.

Challenges self and others to exceed standards and achieve extraordinary results, striving for best in class.

•Is not easily deterred when obstacles or delays are encountered.
•Invests in ongoing personal development.
•Takes ownership of mistakes and turns them into learning opportunities.
•Creates own measure of excellence, strives to achieve personal excellence in whatever (s)he does and does not tolerate mediocrity.
•Sets own or team goals with relevant metrics which goes beyond normal expectations to new, stretching, or challenging-but-achievable goals or target
•Improves performance – sets high goals and work standards for self and others.
•Identifies opportunities to exceed goals and works towards them, even under adverse circumstances.
•Focuses on finding a way to take steps forward despite setbacks.
•Demonstrates personal commitment to the success of.
•Insists on professional and respectful behaviour among all employees.