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Design your dream job.
Your view: the waterfront. Your team: inspired A-players. Your ideas: shattering boundaries. Your benefits: stellar. Life in the city by the bay is sweet, especially when you work with the Salesforce UX team.

Are you an entrepreneur at heart who prefers working (and playing) in a hyper-collaborative environment to get  your creative juices flowing? At Salesforce, we make the tools that help people work better. We put customers first. And we’re looking for disruptive designers who play well with others.

You’re a Salesforce UX designer if:

Your curiosity is insatiable.
Your brain craves challenges. You’ll take things apart and blow stuff up as much as you enjoy building amazing new things. Because you never stop learning.

You’re a maker, a doer, a thinker.
What gets you fired up is putting pen to paper, sketching concepts, and capturing ideas. You distill complex problems and propose simple, elegant solutions. You’re meticulous and excited about beautiful design, and you love seeing products ship.

You’re passionate about new technology.
You’re hungry for new ways to do things. You follow the latest trends, download the newest apps, read the relevant design blogs. You have a keen eye for beautiful and useful products, and you share your findings with the team.

You’re even more passionate about people.
You’re a tireless advocate for the end user. You have deep empathy for their everyday struggles and challenges. You always put their needs first, and you’re unwavering in your desire to provide the best experience.

You play well with others.
You thrive in a collaborative environment. You bring a unique point of view to the table, and bring out the best in your team. You solicit feedback on your own work, and add value to others’ work.

You’re a disruptor.
You love to change the way people behave, for the better. You put the customer at the heart of your process. And you can’t wait to apply your UX design chops to deliver unconventional insights and solve major challenges. You’re autonomous, on fire, and ready to redefine an industry.

You’re inspired by San Francisco.
From the days of the Gold Rush to the revolution of Silicon Valley, San Francisco is the home of world-changers. It’s an amazing place to live — from food to art to innovation. Like the original Levi-Strauss (before the 501’s), we’re creating the tools people use for work every day. And you’ll work in downtown San Francisco, at the heart of it all.

Sound like you? Then you’re someone we want to work with.

Join our outstanding UX team, and you’ll get to work with some of the best and brightest of Silicon Valley. When you get a breakthrough idea, our team gives you the power and the people to run with it and make it a reality. You’ll find startup-like scrum teams, consumer-style innovation, and the opportunity to deliver great experiences to millions of end-users.  And you’ll have a great experience in the process.

Bring your A-game, inspire your team, and make amazing work with us.  Help us transform the way business gets done.

Experience / Skills Required

  • Expert knowledge of Adobe CS
  • Able to successfully manage all aspects of a project from start to finish
  • Must be self-motivated, a good communicator, comfortable following direction, and able to balance great design with meeting short deadlines
  • Able to produce results independently as well as collaboratively in a team
  • 7+ years of experience


  • Icon design, Analytic / Infographic design, Mobile App design
  • Experience designing social products
  • Experience with pattern libraries
  • Work on various web, mobile and tablet application interfaces
  • Create designs, icons and layouts that adhere to and extend the app
  • Translate discussions into leading app designs and layouts
  • Generate detailed specs of final designs that allow devs to build accurately
  • Work with devs to deliver polished final product
  • Evangelize new interface guidelines and design patterns
  • Mentor new members of design staff during onboarding
  • Thrive in a highly collaborative, fast-paced, agile environment