The recruitment system explained

Board Search

Aligning, chemistry, culture and skills with corporate objectives is essential to the creation of an independent, diverse and effective board.

Many Boards are increasingly under the spotlight as investors, regulators and the media look to them to establish and maintain strong corporate governance, and achieve commercial success.  Organizations increase their global footprint; effective boards require diverse talent to support growth against a backdrop of constant technological and economic change.

REM Associates global Board Group brings together expertise in Chair and NED, financial, legal and HR functions to advise businesses on the selection of the right board members in light of their existing talent and corporate goals.

We continuously support organizations in increasing board effectiveness. Through the analysis of existing board members, we identify Chairs, Independent and Supervisory Directors based on their cultural fit and the alignment of their experience with our client’s demands.

Executive Search

Placements can transform organizations: securing the right executive is critical.

Successful executive search requires rigorous analysis, creativity, logic and sound judgement. Through Search Intelligence, we provide organizations with the tools to identify, attract and develop extraordinary executives.

Cultural assessment Industry analysis and the evaluation of existing board and management dynamics provide a backdrop against which we support clients in securing innovative candidates with the experience to lead their businesses.

Our consultants combine industry and functional expertise with cultural and geographic knowledge to ensure clients have a dynamic selection of candidates to choose from.

Through global collaboration and exceptional functional and industry expertise, we guide businesses towards appointments that will transform their business and secure their future.

Interim Appointments

Interim provides clients with the tools to fill critical skills gaps during times of change, crisis and growth.

Companies must ensure that they have access to the full complement of talent they need to sustain and grow their business.

Whether facilitating change, overseeing vital projects, or temporarily filling a key management position, effective interim management is all about embedding best practice and leaving a legacy of improvement.

REM Interim provides clients with access to a large pool of skilled interim managers and interim consultants through our international network.

CEO Succession

Understanding organizational performance is vital and never more at risk than when a CEO departs.

The risks faced by organizations and shareholders when a CEO departs are significant. Yet most businesses fail to adequately plan for this.

Our CEO team provide organizations with the tools to create an effective and reliable succession strategy. We work closely with Chair’s and Boards to identify individuals – both internal and external – with the skills to fulfill the organizations ambitions and mitigate the risks.

When it proves impossible to plan ahead, and recruiting externally is the only option, our CEO team has the resources and hard-won experience to quickly identify and attract potential candidates from around the world.

Through the assessment and development of internal and external candidates, we help our clients navigate this most delicate transition safely and speedily.


When considering the appointment of an executive whose background reveals significant shortcomings can seriously damage the reputation of a business.

We allow as part of our executive search service or as a stand-alone product, we provide clients with a rigorous, thoughtful and forensic referencing of their potential candidates, designed to reveal insights into a candidate’s management style, capability and personality that cannot always be uncovered during an interview.

Nevertheless when speaking formally with all named referees, as well as informally with unnamed referees or business contacts that we have identified through our research.  We also check credit references and bankruptcy notices. In addition, each candidate is subject to a thorough online and social media analysis.

Information gained from the reference process helps to mitigate some of the risks associated with making senior executive appointments, and can be particularly valuable when a client wants an independent check on a potential candidate who has not been introduced by REM Associates.