Recruitment in Executive Management

Full-Service Executive Recruitment & Interim Management

REM is a UK based professional services company delivering Executive Search and Interim Management to an international range of clients in a wide range of industries and disciplines. Founded in 2008 with several years of expertise, we are a respected trusted team of advisors to our clients, with a track record of successful projects that have developed into long term relationships and creating a networking platform in the process.

Our Mission

At REM, our mission is to enhance the recruitment process of our clients through the combination of experienced, specialised recruitment consultants and innovative technologies, that when used together has ensured 90% of our permanent executive placements have stayed a minimum of 12 months.

Candidate Safety

Part of the Issue with most traditional recruitment search practices is their transactional approach to candidates. When a candidate is approached about a potential role for your business it’s on behalf of your business, any bad experiences within that process will create a negative brand impression for your business. This is often in the form of recruiters being unresponsive about roles, refusing to talk to candidates, not keeping candidates updated about the process and not informing candidates if they aren’t successful after they apply. All of this leaves a lasting negative impression of the experience, which is unfairly associated with the clients brand, even though the client is often completely unaware that candidates are being handled in this way.

Writing and distribute content through Social Media and other avenues that help candidate’s progress in their career, find their next role and transition into a new job. Strategically this makes sense for our business, as we have found that by offering free value and professional service throughout the recruitment process the best candidates want to be associated with us in our consultancy.

Executive Recruitment

Our permanent executive recruitment service uses innovative technology combined with discreet access to senior leaders to locate and place talent that will make a real difference to your business. We do Shortlists that are generally created within 6 weeks and hires using our award winning candidate presentation platform comes with a 12-month placement guarantee.

Looking For An Executive

It is very clear we’re proud of the quality and depth of talent of the senior leaders we are connected with. If you are a capable, successful senior Individual then find out more about what we look for in a candidate and what you can expect when you sign up.

Interim Management

Dealing with Specialist, Well connected consultants able to rapidly deploy experienced senior leaders within a short time scale. Interim shortlists can be created within 48 hours, and placements have been made in as little as 5 days.