Creating the right impression

Interviews; If you relax they can be a really enjoyable experience where you prove that you’ve got what it takes and leave the meeting with the company wanting you for the job. Unfortunately, even the best candidates sometimes get interviews wrong. Here are our tips for interview success:


“Preparation is the key. Think about what type of questions you could be asked and prepare the answers. Show you have thought about the role and why you are suited to it.

“The most successful candidates are the ones who have done at least a day’s research pre-interview.

“Check the date, time and location in advance, and plan your journey so you have plenty of time, even if there are delays. If you think you will be late, inform the interviewer and us as soon as possible.

“Perform extensive research about the company, the market and (if possible) the interviewer. Start at the company website as everyone else will do, use your initiative and prepare questions that demonstrate the research that you have done and show your insight into their business. Bring your notes along and make a point of referring to them at some point during the interview.

The Interview

“First impressions really do matter” dress smartly, offer a firm handshake and smile. Sit up straight and maintain a good level of eye contact.

“Try to relax. Your interviewer actually wants to know about you” and wants you to be the person they’re looking for.

“Listen carefully to the questions and take time to think if required” Do not panic if you do not know the answer, take a deep breath and if nothing comes to mind be honest. Do not back yourself into a corner by waffling.

“Before you say something ask yourself: “Is it relevant?”; “Does it demonstrate my suitability for the job?”; “Is it positive?”.

“Bring along physical evidence of your work if you feel that it would help you in securing the vacancy” ask if your interviewer wants to see it first though.

“At the end of the interview ask the interviewer if they have any initial feedback, what the next stage is, thank them for their time, say how interested you are and how you feel you could bring a lot to the position.

“Please give us a call after your interview with your feedback so we can relay this to our client and understand more about your thoughts.